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Principal Cecilia Solan 

Mrs. Cecilia Solan


Preschool - Jan Spotts 

Mrs. Jan Spotts

Preschool Teacher

First Grade - Constance Sholtis 

Mrs. Constance Sholtis

First Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade - Kristine Garsteck 

Mrs. Kristine Garsteck

Fourth Grade Teacher

Sixth Grade - Lori Sagosky 

​Mrs. Lori Sagosky

Sixth Grade Teacher

Kindergarten Aide - Maria Connell 

​Miss Maria Connell

Kindergarten Aide

Business Manager Kristin Baker 

​Mrs. Kristin Baker

Business Manager

Kindergarten - Judith Colvin 

​Mrs. Judith Colvin

Kindergarten Teacher

Second Grade - Goldie Lohr 

Mrs. Goldie Lohr

Second Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade - Deborah Mullaney 

​Mrs. Deborah Mullaney

Fifth Grade Teacher

Preschool Aide - Julie Scarry 

​Mrs. Julie Scarry

Preschool Aide

Title 1 - Shawna Little 

​Mrs. Shawna Little

Title 1 Language Arts and Math

Secretary Amy Zimmermann 

Mrs. Amy Zimmermann


Kindergarten - Wendy Hoffer 

Mrs. Wendy Hoffer

Kindergarten Teacher

Third Grade - Robin Hlebechuk 

Mrs. Robin Hlebechuk

Third Grade Teacher

Sixth Grade - Megan Gretz 

​Mrs. Megan Gretz

Sixth Grade Teacher

Preschool Aide - Eileen Knapp 

Mrs. Eileen Knapp

Preschool Aide

Counselor - Tina Matyi 

Miss Tina Matyi

School Counselor

 Not Pictured

Mrs. Carol Gilmer - Speech

 Board of Trust Administrators and Council

​Chairman: Father Robert T. Lubic, pastor of the Connellsville Catholic Church Community - Immaculate Conception, St. John the Evangelist and St. Rita parishes

Father Micah E. Kozoil, pastor, St. Aloysius Parish, Dunbar

Council Members:

Lisa Andursky

Michael Delmar

Glenn Heller

Lori Reitler

Mary Jane Winterhalter